New to MBC

Welcome to Metropolitan Baptist Church

We’re so glad you visited our website today, and we hope you’ll visit Metropolitan soon in person. We know it’s not easy visiting a church for the first time. You may be asking yourself questions such as: How do I dress or will my kids like it? We want your visit to be a stress-free, enjoyable experience. So, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for planning your first visit.

We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit to Metropolitan Baptist Church!

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Choose A Service

We offer three services every Sunday — 7:15 AM, 9:15 AM, and 11:15 AM


Main Campus is located in Newark, New Jersey
Our address is: 149 Springfield Avenue, Newark, New Jersey 07103

Where Do I Take My Kids?

MBC loves young people! While you enjoy worship services designed for you, your children can enjoy an experience designed just for them. MBC offers a Young People’s Focused Worship Service at 11:15 AM every Sunday. Parents and family are invited to sit in and participate in the worship service. You are always welcome to take your children into all services with you, but most of our children really enjoy the Young People’s Focused Worship Service. Additionally, MBC offers Sunday Family Bible classes at 9:30 AM for young people of every age (2 1/2 yrs. (potty trained-nursery) through 18 yrs (grade school)). Make sure to check out the Youth Ministry section of our website for specific classes and activities.  

Ask For Help

Our Greeters, Ushers and members would be glad to point you in the right direction. (Or just grab the arm of somebody walking by... most of us don't bite.) 

After The Service

Visit the Hospitality Suite. There you’ll have an opportunity to meet with members of our hospitality ministry to find out more about MBC, ask questions, and explore the different opportunities to meet more people just like you. Pick up a copy of our information packet. The brochure contains an overview of everything that is going on at Metropolitan Baptist Church during the current year. If you do leave with unanswered questions (and we hope you don't), be sure to get in touch with the church office during the week at (973) 642-2267.

149 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103