Metro Business Directory

The Metro Business Registry is an answer to the needs of our community. Too often people need business services (i.e., Computer Repair, Financial & Estate Planning, Photography, Plumbing, Painting, & Real Estate Services), yet they do not have a place that they trust to deliver the quality of the services that they would expect.

This registry seeks to catalogue, evaluate, scrutinize, and publish spiritual quality service providers applying from within the community. While we would like to extol the virtues of all business applicants, the ones added to this database will be strenuously examined so that the reputation of either the business and/or Metropolitan is unharmed.

Please Note: Filing out an application to this registry does not guarantee your business will be published in this directory. We will notify you regarding any issues or defects that prohibit you from becoming a contributor to this directory.

Please answer the following questions with all honesty and in deference to the quality of work exhibited in a 5 Star business.

**Metropolitan in no way guarantees the quality of service any business may provide neither are we liable for any damages.**

So that we can reach out to you directly, please provide:



For the Directory, please provide:

*Is the business registered in New Jersey – with an EIN number?
*Has the company been in business at least 10 years?
* Is your Business your primary source of income?
*Does your business have a community service component to give back to the community, and/or social justice?
*Is your Business based in New Jersey?

149 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103