3 Ways To Give

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Why Tithe?

Why Tithe? Because God wants to see just how much you love Him. It's not lip service, it is Love in Action.

Tithing is an expression of your personal love for Christ

You can not beat God and His giving, starting with giving you life, God continually shows his love for you each and every day. God asks that of all that he has given us, The very least that we can do is give him 10% of our time, our talent, and our treasure. Think about it, have you volunteered in any activity that furthers the kingdom-building work of the saints? Do you possess a skill that no one else can do, but you keep it hidden or only use that skill to make money? Do you give God, his tenth of the money that He has provided to you? How are you showing God that you love Him?

Tithing FAQ's

What is a tithe?

The word “tithe” means a tenth. To tithe is to return 10 percent of all we receive to the church from which we have received spiritual food.

What is spiritual food?

Spiritual food is that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth, and causes us to remember who we really are. It is the infilling of spiritual energy that reconnects us consciously to the awareness of our own innate divinity.

I believe that many people walk around with a hunger—a hunger for a deeper spiritual faith and for a great realization of mission, purpose, and identity. The spiritual food that can feed this hunger can come in many forms. For example, it might be the uplifting message of an inspirational book or the feeling of joy from a beautiful piece of music. Whatever the form, you know you're being spiritually fed when you feel your heart sing.

What is the purpose of the tithe?

The purpose of the tithe is not to build churches or to pay ministers' salaries, although tithes do help to do these and other good things. The real purpose of the tithe is to acknowledge that God is the source of our good and that we are aware of and grateful for the good in our lives.

What is the tithing promise?

If we tithe, we prove God in our lives, and the windows of heaven open for us.
God doesn't need my money.

Why should I tithe?

Of course, God doesn't need your money. You need to give because tithing is a beginning discipline in giving and receiving. It increases our faith and pushes us through conscious fear. When we tithe, we give back to the universe, and when the universe gives back to us, and more, we learn that we cannot out-give God.

Why 10 percent?

The first recorded tithe in the Bible is discussed in Genesis 14, when Abraham took his tithe to his spiritual teacher, Melchizedek We are not told why 10 percent, only that it is 10 percent.

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