Youth & Young Adults

The Mission

The Mission Of The Young People Ministry At Metropolitan Is To Partner With Parents In Leading Their Children To Christ While Teaching Them Spiritual Morals And Values

The Vision

The Vision Is A Young People Ministry With An Integrated Unified Curriculum That Included And Supports ALL Young People Throughout The Entire Church And Community.

  • A Vision That Begins With Prenatal Conception Celebration And Goes To Full Maturity As A Teenager.
  • A Vision Where Parents Are Drawn To Christ Through A Ministry That Offers Various Spiritual, Social, Recreational, Health And Fun Activities For Their Children.
  • A Vision Of A Place Where Young People Will Experience A Purpose Driven Life Consisting Of: Evangelism, Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship And Ministry.
  • A Vision Of A Place Where Adults, Parents And Church Leaders Model Positive Christian Behavior In The Presence Of  Young People.
  • A Vision Of A Place Where Leadership Will Be Unified And Committed To Giving Young People The Opportunity To Make Suggestions And Offer Ideas.
  • A Vision Where The Church Is Willing To Try New Things To Involve Young People And Get Them Excited About Christ.
  • A Vision Of A Ministry That Will Involve Thousands Of Young People

Five Purposes of Young People Driven Ministry

1. Evangelism
2. Worship
3. Fellowship
4. Discipleship
5. Ministry

Metropolitan's Approach

At Metropolitan Baptist Church our Youth and Young Adult Ministry provides a Christ Centered, word based, youth focused ministry that reflects biblical standards and principles centered around the Word of God.  Our mission is to provide a wholesome all inclusive ministry consisting of Dance, Arts, Drama, Instrumental, Devotional Worship & Praise, Nursery programs, Prayer and Word Based relevant ministry that will be attractive to all youth ranging from babies to young adults.

A Strong Foundation

The Ministry is first and foremost set upon a Strong Foundation and that is the Word of God. For a house built on a solid foundation shall stand but all other ground is sinking sand.  The ministries for our Youth require youth engagement, youth focus and parental support/commitment. We will bridge the gap and work with parents to enhance their child’s overall spiritual development and growth by staying connected by means of communication in all facets of Youth Ministry.

At Metropolitan Baptist Chuch we believe in Bringing Families Together around the Word of God.  In our Youth and Young Adult Ministry, we believe in you child. Let's start building your child’s personal relationship with God.

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