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Adult Choirs

Mass Choir - MBC, we believe that every voice should offer praise and worship to God and what better way to demonstrate this than through the Mass Choir, a group of men and women whose very presence shows the power and favor of God’s love. This group shares the longevity of God’s faithfulness through traditional song. Styles range from rendering songs reminiscent of Shirley Cesar and Dorothy Norwood to the spiritual sounds of groups like Mom and Pop Winans. Rehearsals are on select Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm.

Men of Metropolitan - BC is blessed to have a strong and dedicated group of men who are committed to sharing God’s word through traditional song. What an exciting time it is to see the choir stands filled with men who are so vocal about the wondrous works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Whether it is a song led by a soloist or two or three men, the Men’s Choir brings the experience of Jesus Christ to life with their authentic sound, genuine storytelling and a style that engages the congregation. It is not unusual for their “personal testimonies” to shine through as they are offering thanks for how God brought them over, through and to where they are today. The congregation readily joins in with hand-clapping, hand-waving or “out of your seat praise.” The Men of Metropolitan are regularly invited to attend churches for special events such as Men’s Day, Church Anniversaries. Rehearsal for the Men of Metropolitan is on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 pm in under the direction of Dr. B. Dexter Allgood.

Women's Choir - similar to the Men of Metro, the Women’s Choir is a strong and committed group of MBC women who use traditional song and style to share God’s word. Their soul-stirring songs often tug on the heart strings of everyone. This “powerhouse” choir celebrates and demonstrates how marvelous and excellent Jesus Christ is. The Women’s Choir will either leave you teary-eyed or have you standing to your feet in recognition of just how powerful the love of God is. Led by Doris McNeil, Assistant Ministr of Music and Dr. Thelma Jones, Director, the choir rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 pm. If you would like to join the choir or get more information about how to be involved, call 973-xxxx or click here.

Concert Choir - (by audition only), Mondays, 7-9:00 p.m

Majestic Voices - The best way to describe the Majestic Voices from the other MBC choirs is that they use a mix of contemporary, traditional and popular music to minister to God’s people. Comprised of men and women who desire to share the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through song, the Majestic Voices genuinely show how the wounded, hurt and rejected can be made whole again. Whether they are belting out a popular song by one of today’s most celebrated Gospel singers, or they are sharing a special story that reaches as far back to the days when our grandparents were younger, the sentiment and purpose is the same: they bring the lost to Christ and to re-unite or re-connect people to Christ. Rehearsal for the Majestic Voices is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 pm and is under the direction of Kevin ___.

Victory & Triumph Choir

Praise Team – MBC Praise Team is comprised of a small group of gifted singers who shere the word of God during eh Praise and Worship Period. What sets them apart from the choirs at MBC is the size. Their purpose, dedication and commitment remain the same: to engage people in the Worship Service Experience by leading them to God’s throne through song and music. The Praise Team sometimes acts as the “leaders” of the Praise and Worship Period, often leading selected songs, complemented by the choir. Members of the Praise Team are selected based on singing tone, style, commitment and the ability to be stretched to the full use of their spirituals gifts of singing. To find out more about the Praise Team, contact Kevin ___ ,  title.

Youth Choirs

Buds of Promise - In Buds of Promise, children learn praise and worship music and participate in fun games and activities with their friends. Through these activities, they learn basic music theory and grow to love the Lord through worshipping Him. Children share the music they learn in worship services and events throughout the year. Director: Doris McNeil, Assistant Minister of Music

Young Hearts of Soul - This teen choir...Director: Kevin Fulmore, Youth Minister of Music