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The word "baptizô" (βαπτίζω) originates from the Greek word "bapto." This term was used in the first century for the process of immersing a garment into bleach (cleansing) first and then dying it (changing the color). Baptism signifies a person undergoing the ritual of being cleansed of sins and becoming a new person through Christ.

Below are some answers to questions Christians may have regarding baptism. 

Do I need to get baptized to be saved?

You do not necessarily have to get baptized after becoming saved. To be saved means to become delivered from sin. The act of baptism alone does not give you salvation. You must first repent and then accept Christ as your Lord and savior. The decision to get baptized implies the willingness of the individual to outwardly display one’s acceptance of Jesus Christ as their savior.

What do I need to do before becoming baptized at Metropolitan?

The first step is to publicly acknowledge and accept Jesus Christ as your savior. This is followed by a required, 7-week, new member class . In this class, you will learn about , salvation, and the significance of baptism . After completing the class, you may be baptized.

What does the baptismal process entail?

Baptism is ritual of using water to become "purified." Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the next step is to become immersed in a standing pool of water by two deacons.

When should I be baptized?

When children and adults are able to understand the meaning of sin, the separation from God that it causes, and that by accepting Christ, we are saved; they can become baptized.

When can children become baptized?

Young children and infants are not baptized until they are of age to accept Jesus Christ as their savior. They are brought to the altar to be dedicated to the Lord. This is consider a Baby Blessing. In order to have your baby blessed, please fill out the Baby Blessing form by clicking this link.

For more information, please contact:

Sis. Denise Singleton, Dean-Discipleship Ministry
Tel#: 973-378-8623

For Baby Blessing:  Call the church office at 973 642-2267