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Sunday Family Bible School

Suffer the little children to come unto me forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of God. Luke 18:16

Metropolitan offers Bible based classes for all young people beginning at age 2. To find out the location of the classes visit the Sunday School/ Christian Education Office across from the elevator on the 2nd floor.

Beginner Department || 2 -5yrs

Through songs, stories, and activities the children are taught to know God's love. When these youngsters are promoted they have mastered The Lord's Prayer and understand the concept of Creation.

Primary Department || 6 -8yrs

The children are taken on trips through the exciting stories of the Bible, through the use of songs, activities and their Bibles. Graduating students know the pledge to the Christian Flag, Bible and the 23rd Psalm.

Junior Department || 9 - 12yrs

The children are taught to have a deeper understanding of the Bible and to live for the Lord Jesus.

Junior High Department || 12 - 14yrs

Amoung other things these young people have discussions that struggle with the bid issues of life that can shake the faith of their everyday walk with Christ.

Senior High Department || 15 -17yrs

The teenagers are taught to understand Christ and how to handle Satans attacks through a language which they understand as the hip-hop generation.

Young Adult Department || 18 -35yrs

These group of dynamic young people are taught to understand the Bible as they struggle with everyday pressures of college, careers, marriage and the workforce.

Adult Department || 36yrs and Older

The adults are taken on a quest for more knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They are lead to a better understanding of God's Word and how it impacts on their everyday lives.

Teacher Training Classes

For those who feel that God is calling them to teach his word, there is a teacher training class. Pre-requisite for training to be a Sunday School is Sunday School, Bible Study, and Teacher's Academy attendance.