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Scripture: Luke  24:45

Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.

Do you ever have trouble understanding the scriptures for yourself? Are you looking for a deeper meaning to the scriptures? Do you have a calling to teach in the ministry?  If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then Hermeneutics is the place to begin. Hermeneutics entails a study of biblical texts in order to understand not only the historical aspects of the writings but also the significance of these documents for the present as well. Once you finish this class, which is taught by our own, Rev. Dr. David Jefferson Sr., an anointed teacher and preacher, you can begin your journey of scriptural interpretation and see for yourself, the will of God in your life.

Mission and Vision:

The purpose of the Hermeneutics Class is to provide members of the class with the training and tools to examine the Holy Scriptures and develop a clear understanding of what the author said, what the author meant and how the words should be applied in the reader’s current situation. It is further anticipated that upon finishing the class; an enlightened member will be better able to confidently teach and or facilitate most family Sunday Bible School or other types of life application classes.

The Hermeneutics Class provides:

  • A process for the exegetical study of God’s Word. The exegesis process involves learning Observation: "What does the author say?” Interpretation: "What did the author mean?" and Application: "What does it mean for me?"
  • Supplemental class materials which will be used in concert with the written Word of God “The Holy Bible”.
  • The class participant with a nurturing environment to ask questions and gain understanding of God’s Holy Word an how to apply it to other circumstances of life.

Meeting Date and Time:

3rd Saturday @ 10:30 AM
Present classroom space is in the Chapel on the 1st Flr.

Ministry Leader:

Rev. Dr. David Jefferson