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Evangelism & Outreach

[General Mission]

The General Mission of Metropolitan Baptist Church is an outreach and support ministry for families in need. Working closely with the Willing Heart, the mission provides direct surgical support and discipleship to spcifically identified locations such as nursing homes, resident locations and schools. The general mission is divided into specific cell groups. These groups care for the assigned families/locations as directed.

Youth Enriched for Service (Y.E.S.)

The Y.E.S. Mission Ministry enables young men and women of Metropolitan, ages 6-17, to become mission minded.  This ministry provides training and opportunity for service to God and people; both at home and in the community while offering opportunities for fellowship and learning guidelines for Christian discipleship.

This ministry is a program of continuous study: studying the Bible, home and Christian family life, evangelism, church outreach, ministries, community issues- problems and solutions and social issues.

Y.E.S. Ministry Objectives

  1. To promote individual and collective Christian service
  2. Study God's word and cooperation in His Work
  3. Observance of the rules for Christian righteousness
  4. Christian responsibilities for others
  5. The highest standard of private and public conduct
  6. Physical cleanliness and proper class
  7. Foreign and home mission projects

Y.E.S. Ministry Activities

  1. Monthly meetings- Every 2nd Saturdays at 10:30 AM for one hour.
  2. Christian Youth Cotillion- Presentation of our young ladies and young men as "New Persons in Christ" walking and talking for the Lord.
  3. Mission Projects- Donation of toiletries to prisons, yearly clothing drives to community, bi-monthly visits to nursing homes.
  4. Oratorical and Bible Bowl Contests- The department through associational participation address the theme of our National Baptist Convention U.S.A. and donate to the winner going to the convention's annual session.
  5. Assisting with the 11:30 a.m. Sunday services and all programs where the Y.E.S. Ministry is needed.