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Dominion Fellowship Ministry

The Dominion Fellowship Ministry provides outreach and evangelism to individuals and families of Newark, NJ and surrounding communities through the powerful good news of the Gospel. 

Mission and Vision

The purpose of the Dominion Fellowship is to share the word of Christ through the Street Ministry and other evangelism efforts and to encourage individuals and families to live a faith based life based on Christian principals as outlined in the Bible and to make disciples of God’s people. 

Street Ministry

The Street Ministry is comprised of spiritual crusaders whose purpose is to spread the word of Christ at public venues. 

Visitation Ministry

The Visitation Ministry brings the voice of Jesus Christ to recovering alcoholics and addicts in rehabilitation, pre-release and correctional institutions. This ministry also visits people in their private homes, hospitals, nursing centers and homeless shelters. 

Home Office

The Dominion Fellowship Ministry is based at 83 James Street, Manna Station, 202 Sixteenth Avenue, both in Newark.

Ministry Leader

Rev. Bernard Wilks, Apostolic Oversee

For more information visit us on line at