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Join Metro Today!

If you would like to join the Metropolitan family or rededicate your life to Christ, please click the link to email us today. One of our Discipleship Ministry Team Members will contact you with more information.

Announcement Submission Form

Fill this form out if you would like your announcement added. This form ensures that we have all announcement requests submitted and recorded. The form MUST be submitted two weeks before your announcement is needed.

Baby Blessing Form

All baby blessings take place on the third Sunday at the 11:30 am Service. Please plan to arrive 30 minutes in advance in order to ensure that you are greeted by the MBC family. We will contact you to confirm the date and time.

Meeting & Event Request Form

Please complete this form to request the use of church space. Please submit these requests within 7 days of your event. You will receive an update to your request within 48 hours of your request. Copies of this request are given to the Pastor, Church Office, Facility Managment Team and Operations Director. Please call the church for any questions you may have: 973-642-2267 or email

Monthly Calendar Request Form

Ministry leaders, if you would like your meeting or event added to the month over month calendar please complete this church calendar form or email your meeting/event information to

Education Ministry Scholarship Application 2020

By completing this application you are applying for: Education Ministry 2020 Book Scholarship and Qualifying for the 2020 Merit Scholarship Awards.

Education Ministry Scholarship Application 2020 Download Here