Children Ministry

About Our Children Ministry

"It takes a village to raise a family," so I keep hearing. Where is the village? I believe the village is in the church, and must provide every opportunity for the success of our children. Many doctors, lawyers, filmmakers, and political figures got their beginnings in a church somewhere. "No Child Left Behind" is a slogan that drips from the mouth of many individuals, but if there is a place where no child is left behind-It should be the church.

Partnering With Parents

In addition to Sunday Family Bible School, the Young People's Ministry will partner with parents to provide the kinds of events and programming to give our children the best chance of spiritual, educational, and personal success and growth.

Activities With Parents

  • Young Peoples Bible Academy
    Wednesday 6:45 PM
  • Youth Enriched to Serve, Y.E.S. || Mission
    2nd Saturday 10:30 AM
  • Young Feet of Praise & Banners of Victory
    Call (973) 642- 2267 for rehearsal times
  • Junior Ushers
    2nd & 4th Thursday 6:30PM
  • Candy Strippers
    3rd Saturday 12:00 Noon

Music Ministry Young Peoples Focus

  • The Children's Choir - Sis. Doris McNeil, Director
  • The Inspired Voices of Hope - Bro. Kevin Fulmore, Director
  • The Hand Bell Choir - Sis. Elise Austin, Ministry Leader

149 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103