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We take the joining of a man and a woman in holy matrimony very seriously. This is the joining of two families to become one on the eyesight of God. The new couple thus begins their journey as a new family.

Upon making the decision to marry, PLEASE contact the church office (973) 642-2267 and ask to speak to a representative from the wedding ministry. It is imperative that a date and time be agreed to BEFORE you secure a reservation fo a reception. This will eliminate any potential conflict and insure the coordination of a spirit filled wedding service.

Pastor Jefferson believes that all couples entering into marriage conducted under the auspices of Metropolitan Baptist Church receive pre-marital counseling. The wedding/marriage ministry will provide the necessary forms and work with the couples in arranging a pre-marital counseling session with the pastor.

The wedding ministry can also help a couple to arrange wedding specialty items such as :unity candles, programs, communion and etc.