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Deacons Ministry

The purpose of the Deacons' Ministry is to serve the Lord and His Church by assisting the Pastor in meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the Church. Deacons are appointed and ordained by the Pastor. They assist by caring for the poor, the sick, the preparation and administration of the Ordinances; service of the Communion and Baptism; and in ministering to the spiritual interests of families in the Church and community. Jesus’ life is the model for the Deacon. In Mark 10:45, Jesus said, “I came not to be served, but to serve.” Deacons exist to serve God and the Church.

Every member of the congregation is assigned to a Deacon. If you need to talk with a church official you are encouraged to begin with the Deacon to whom you are assigned so he can direct you to the proper person(s). The membership has been assigned alphabetically by your last name as entered in the membership system. The first name listed under each Deacon’s name is the first one on his list and the last name is the last name on this list. If your name falls under that span alphabetically, then that’s the Deacon you have been assigned. Contact the church for your assigned deacon.

Deacon Ministry Officers

Willie R. Burke, Ministry Leader - (973) 642-2267
George Alexander, Assistant Ministry Leader
Harold Jefferson, Assistant Ministry Leader
Daniel Eatman, Assistant Ministry Leader
Edward Gibbs
, Secretary Deacon's Ministry, Secretary Joint Ministry
Virginius Hairston, Assistant Secretary
George Singleton, Chaplain

Active Deacons

George Alexander
Charles Alston
Daniel Asiedu
Roscoe Bacon
Charles Birkett
Willie R. Burke
Don Campbell
Roger G. Damon
Keith Davis
Daniel Eatman
Aaron Gibbs
Edward Gibbs
Ben Greene
Kenneth Greene
Virginius Hairston
Wade Harris
Harold Jefferson
Ronald Kemp II
David King, Jr.
Dennis Leonard
Stephen Outing
Arthur Pinckney
Stephen Powell
George Ricks
Clinton Robinson
George Singleton
Marvin Tonsul
Dean Way
Marvin White
James Williams
John D. Williams